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24 Hour Internet Radio Station from the Philippines

Blazin100.com is a 24 hour internet radio station from Cebu City, Philippines. We play the latest Top 40 songs, both international and local. The station started in October 2010. Now, it is one of the most listened to internet radio stations.

Blazin100 operates 24 hours,with no commercials. It showcases local artists as well as mainstream ones.

Through it’s online blog, http://www.blazin100.com, the station also provides the latest news and happenings in pop culture, movies, technology and the internet.

Tune in now at http://www.blazin100.com/listen

[7.7MB] Download Iggy Azalea – We Go Har

[7.7MB] Download Iggy Azalea – We Go Hard feat T I AAC MP3 M4A http://www.blazin100.com/2014/09/77mb-download-iggy-azalea-we-go-hard.html

@PrincessPiaMia Fill Me In Feat. Austin Mahone https://soundcloud.com/princesspiamia/fill-me-in-feat-austin-mahone NEWMUSICNOW!

The drop really reminds me of his early

The drop really reminds me of his early days back in 2010-2011 I miss that style. But he sure has balls to combine these two different sounds and actually make this his sound. Props. And I hope he gets well soon in time for Ultra http://www.blazin100.com/2014/09/101mb-download-avicii-nights-mp3-aac-m4a.html

Check out the NBA 2K14 Official Trailer

Check out the NBA 2K14 Official Trailer to hold you over until NBA 2K14 drops on October 1st. CLICK -> http://ow.ly/pg8oC @2KGamesAsia

chat apps, stickers, it wont be long be4

chat apps, stickers, it wont be long be4 we go back 2 Egyptian pictographs, or stone age #loveRoar @KatyPerryPhil http://ow.ly/i/2Rxnb

Robin Thicke at number one this week! Th

Robin Thicke at number one this week! This guy’s a monolith. http://ow.ly/nOM9i http://ow.ly/i/2QAgF

Horrifying thunderclouds hover Cebu befo

Horrifying thunderclouds hover Cebu before heavy rains poured early Saturday morning http://ow.ly/i/2Mszz (photo:PatLim)